Welcome to the Berkshire British Motorcar Festival
A Weekend (or Fortnight) Celebration of the British Lifestyle and all Great British Motorcars.
Thank you for all who supported the first two Berkshire British Motorcar Festivals held in Lenox, MA (Tanglewood in 2011 and Shakespeare & Company in 2012).  We had hoped to return to Lenox in 2013 but we experienced a couple of set-backs that caused us to reconsider for this year. First off, Michael Kittredge, of Kringle Candle Company had a massive stroke in November and is facing a long recovery. Thus we lost that sponsorship. In 2012 we enjoyed the Sponsorship from Jaguar, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce under the umbrella of Herb Chambers.  Michael White was the General Manager from Herb Chambers who arranged for this sponsorship. Michael departed from the Herb Chambers organization last fall and was later hit by car while along a street in Maine and killed. The Herb Chambers organization did not renew their sponsorship of the BBMF for 2013.  The next issue is that the Lenox show in 2012 did not attract enough people through General Admission to make the show viable.  The radio promotion and event posters did not draw as hoped for. This aside, we know that all who did attend with their British cars enjoyed the weekend and the event, as did we who put on the show.  We couldn’t replace the lost sponsorships quickly enough for 2013 so we decided to take the year off, regroup, and consider a return option for 2014.  We love the Berkshires and would like to see this event work as intended as a spring event.  We are open to consider a new venue and/or a new date that might work better.  If you have an idea please do let us know?
We are putting extra effort into the British Invasion Weekend in Stowe, Vermont in September 2013 (the 20th –through- the 22nd).  This said, the Town of Stowe is re-grading the Special Events Field this spring, which means the grass will not be mature enough to host motorcar show in September.  We have arranged with the Stoweflake Resort (1746 Mountain Road) and the Stowe Country Club, (owned by the Mountain Company) to use property just around the corner from the Stowe Special Events Field on Cape Cod Road, that is also just across the road from the Village Green at Stowe, (1003 Cape Cod Road) where I stay while at the Invasion, as the site for British Invasion 2013.  The Stoweflake Resort will offer a special accommodation package for the weekend for the British Invaders and for the ladies, a special SPA package in their world class SPA.  We will have as much or even more property to work with as we have enjoyed with the Stowe Special Events Field.  We hope to add some new features to the Weekend to add to our already solid event appeal.  We have met with the New British Consul to Boston and her Trade and Investment Director and are pleased to report that they are working with us to boost and promote the British Invasion Weekend.  We are delighted to have this support. As you know the British Invasion is the largest British Motorcar Lifestyle event held in the USA, annually attracting over 600 British Cars for the weekend.  We hope to see you in September.
Happy Motoring!
Michael F. Gaetano